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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Traveling Blues show no. 67 , October 17, 2012

The podcast is available here:
Traveling Blues show no. 67 , October 17, 2012

On tonight's Traveling Blues, we celebrated the birthdays of Johnny Moore, Bernie Pearl,
Kenny Neal, Victoria Spivey, Jelly Roll Morton, Big Joe Williams, and the Reverend KM Williams,
who will be arriving in Israel in January.  We featured a new album by resophonic guitar expert Bob Brozman,
and some tracks by Jorma Kaukonen, who will be performing in Israel in mid December.

here's our playlist:

01. Johnny Moore - How Blue Can You Get
02. Bernie Pearl - Crosscut Saw
03. Kenny Neal - Things Have Got To Change
04. Kenny Neal - Ain't Nothing You Can Do
05. Victoria Spivey  - Got The Blues So Bad
06. Jelly Roll Morton - Buddy Bolden's Blues
07. Big Joe Williams w/Robert Petway - Hollow Log Blues
08. KM Williams - Goin' Away Baby
09. Bob Brozman - Ow! My Ukes On Fire
10. Bob Brozman - Memory Blues
11. Jason King - Steppin' Out
12. Jorma Kaukonen - I'll Be Alright
13. Jorma Kaukonen - Bread Line Blues

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