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Friday, January 09, 2009

Sam Bluzman Taylor - 1934- 2009

Where Sam Bluzman Taylor is concerned, I can profess almost total ignorance. I had hardly heard the name 'till someone mentioned a live show of his on one of the Blues forums. But the minute I checked him out, I found a charming, dynamic, and powerful "Bluzman" who was quietly tucked away in the Long Island, N.Y. area, and was a respected member of the Long Island Blues Society, . His musical history includes playing in early funk and soul bands such as BT Express and Joey Dee & The Starlighters. He was awarded Blues Trust Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003, as well as being inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.
To me, Sam Taylor strongly resembled Matt "Guitar" Murphy Wikipedia: Matt Murphy which made me more curious about him, and once I heard his music I found a powerful singer with strong roots in gospel and soul, as well as a fine electric Blues guitarist.

Here are
some video clips of Sam

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