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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Albert Collins' "My Mind is Trying to Leave Me"

I was recently re-acquainting myself with a live Albert Collins recording
from 1983 - "Don't Lose Your Cool" (Alligator Records ALCD4730)
and I really got into the humorous song -
"My Mind Is Trying To Leave Me"

so here are the lyrics for those of you that are not
familiar with the song,
search it out and give it a good listen (the guitar solos are pretty hot too!):

I went to breakfast this mornin',
Down to the corner bar
I thought I heard my baby call my name,
And it came from so far
I started runnin' and answerin',
Like a crazy fool would do
Aha, ya' see, my woman gone away and left me
And now my mind is tryin' to leave me too

Now my friend stepped out the bar
And stopped me and offered me a drink
I went in and had a double
And I began to think about my baby
Aha, like a crazy fool would do
You see, my woman gone away and left me
And now my mind is tryin' to leave me too


Ha-ah, I went into the barber shop and ordered ham 'n' eggs
And each barber gave me fifty cent
They thought I was tryin' to beg
And I started cryin' like a baby (like a baby, ha!)
Like any fool would do
You see my woman gone away and left me
And now my mind is tryin' to leave me too

Another very nice Collins tune is "A Good Fool is Hard To Find"
which can be heard on the brand new Tommy Castro CD
"Painkiller" (Blind Pig Records),
where Tommy sings and plays some sizzling guitar in tribute to Albert Collins.

Collins recorded the tune for his 1986 Alligator release
"Cold Snap" (Alligator ALCD 4752).

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ted Cooper is in the house!

Canadian/Israeli Blues artist Ted Cooper was recently visiting in Israel and gave 2 acoustic performances in the country. Ted is an excellent electric and acoustic guitarist, harmonica player, and bass player, as well as a deep voiced singer of Blues, Country, R & B and Rock and Roll. Ted has a repertoire filled with a nice set of self penned songs that he's written over the last 25 years, and many standards of Blues, Country, and Folk-Rock that he's made sound like he wrote them himself.
Ted was a regular fixture of the Blues and Folk music scene in Israel throughout the 1980's, playing many Jacob's Ladder Festivals, as well as being a regular in clubs and kibbutz venues around the country. Ted moved back to Toronto in late 1993, and very rarely performs on stage these days, except during his visits to Israel.

Just about a year ago, Ted visited Israel and participated in a whirlwind reunion tour with singer Libi and many of the musicians and friends who used to accompany her and/or Ted over the years. Last year's reunion tour was a real blast of nostalgia and lots of wild fun too.
This year's visit was a bit more low key - but it is always a pleasure to hear Ted live on stage, this time accompanied by Assaf "Sweet Tooth" Rozov on acoustic guitar, vocals and dobro, and Dov Hammer on harmonica and vocals - both of them musicians who grew up in the Ted Cooper Band of the late 1980's.
Today, each one of them has a mature voice of his own to contribute to this trio, and the result was very smooth and enjoyable.

I really look forward to the next time Ted decides to grace us with a visit and gives a few rare performances on stage...